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What we learn from Simone Biles

As the world watched, the greatest of all time gymnast, Simone Biles, stepped down from 2021 Olympic team competition. The media was almost rabid, asking what could have possibly motivated her to make such a decision. Was she physically injured? No, she was just struggling with her mental health and felt it was the right […]

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Beating the After Holiday Blues

We all feel it- the negative feelings after the Christmas tree is put away, the weather gets worse, and the sun STILL isn’t shining. Yes, this is the post-holiday blues. We as a society experience this together after the anxiety of getting ready for the holidays. Part of these blues is the lack of energy […]

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Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am terrible at resting. Give me a spare minute, and I am going to do my best to find a way to fill that minute. Some of my many nicknames include the blur (because I am always moving) and the energizer bunny. But I do not believe […]

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The gift of listening

In one of my favorite Young Adult books, Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, the main character Annabel is given a series of CD’s by her love interest, all with different types and styles of music on them. But the CD that means the most is the one labelled “Just listen”. On this CD, there is […]

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Trust. It may be a fairly simple five-letter word, but it is such a complicated concept. For those of us who have been hurt before, it can be very difficult to let others in. I have sat across from countless clients who have told me that there is no way that they can trust me […]

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